Diamond In The Rough – Documentary Series

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Diamond In The Rough – Documentary Series – Written By Sonia Lowe

An experimental series & global mission to discover raw talent.

Untapped talent is all around us, waiting to be discovered. One simply has to know where to look. Touching down in rural communities around the world, we make it a point to skip the galleries and commercial art communities, to delve into the trenches in search of the unknown.

The undiscovered, the unrealized; We’re mining for Diamonds In The Rough.

The thesis behind this docu-series is that true artists are born, not made. And while some artists persevere and make it into the limelight, a staggering amount are left behind in the dust to wither and starve.
Edgar Allan Poe, Galileo, Emily Dickinson and Van Gogh are among some of the most celebrated names in Art History today with their works reaching appraisals that are deemed priceless. Yet, they are also only among a handful of artists who were unappreciated, unrealized and underpaid while they were alive, with their colossal success only occurring posthumously.

True talent shines brightly – it cannot be denied. We aim to find these diamonds and bring them into the spotlight.

Diamonds adopt many shapes, forms and disciplines of art; poets, writers, dancers, painters. Colourful personalities with checkered pasts fuel vibrant, inspiring and compelling stories:

We sift through the debris of commerciality, conformity and ideals to find those anonymous, artistic souls who walk among us. A former tycoon who abandoned his empire to choose a life of creative solitude, finds his salvation collecting artifacts and painting rocks along the shoreline of a forgotten town. This is but one example of the artists we aim to discover.

It is our hope that a factual series of this nature might allow subsequent commercial opportunities for the artist who can utilize the exposure. The format will allow a call to action for the artist to be reached, and will also be brimming with platforms to promote several artists throughout the show.

Stylistically this show will be an art-piece in itself; a creative collective and a showcase for emerging artists, guest directors and of course, music composers and musicians. A new collective of artists will be part of the episode assembly and will benefit from the exposure.

This show is created by artists, for artists, and for art lovers.

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