I’ve always felt that Music is the most powerful of all art forms.

My appreciation for music started from a young age. Growing up with a father who is a musician and curator meant that I had access to an extensive and diverse collection of music, which filled our household, like the soundtrack to our youth.

We were exposed to both the classics: Floyd, Zeppelin, Marley, Joplin, Santana; and contemporary music from our time as well: Lionel Richie, Donna Summer, Michael Jackson. 

Music was a unifying element in our family, which inspired me to commit to becoming a life-long student of musicology.

The greatness we see in others, is a reflection of our own potential.

Character-driven music documentaries were always of particular interest as I have a penchant to tell stories and to discover and exhibit the greatness I recognize in others.

I’m fascinated by an artist’s personal story and their ability to evoke raw emotion from their listeners. I believe that Musicians— like philosophers and prophets—are conduits for universal truths. This is why they have the power to unite people across boundaries and generations.

When I interview musicians, I seek those truths. I strip layers and get to the core. The goal is to know the person beneath the superstar persona. The one who bleeds for his art, bears his soul and knows himself so well that he can commit fully to authentic expression.

I find it interesting to tap into a musicians creative process and uncover their motives. To me, a conversation with a musician about his creative process is really an opportunity to explore raw human emotion as it is expressed through this magnificent art form. ~ Sonia Lowe